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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

"We were talking about how it is so important in the market today, particularly in the industry like blockchain and cryptocurrency, that people start to understand the human value of what this technology brings to the world.

Right one of the things that really gets under my skin is the fact that we have all these conferences, these events and these social media accounts where people are really obsessed with the tech but people aren't spending enough time to really understand how we can start changing the world with this technology because blockchain is a lot more than crypto.

Every time I bump into somebody, and I tell them "I do blockchain. I'm part of the blockchain communities and I I help sort of translate technology that could be technical or intense into something more human relatable". And they're like, "Blockchain, crypto?"

My point is crypto is just one segment or one little component of blockchain. Thinking that crypto is the only thing in blockchain is like thinking email is the only thing in the Internet. People use the Internet for everything else and not just email. Same thing for the blockchain. It is not just crypto. It is a plethora of different applications we have.

Since 2009 Bitcoin obviously has taken the world by storm and it's created this huge new segment of investors that have invested in something that was literally like what used to buy like 10,000 BTC for pizza back in the day and turned into something that's a global digital currency that people are clamoring for now. Think about what Bitcoin has done for people.

I'll give you a real-life example. I've got a really good buddy of mine who's Iranian. As some of you may know (some of you may not know) it can be really difficult and challenging for certain sanctioned countries to live their life traditionally with bank accounts and unfortunately right now due to a variety of reasons there are lots of Iranians and other sanction countries that have these problems.

But thanks to Bitcoin that two cryptocurrency thanks to blockchain right these people can live their lives freely now because now instead of having a normal FinTech wallet attached to a bank somewhere they have a crypto wallet. that's again regulated and credible and legitimate.

Don't get me wrong - it's nothing illegal about it. They're doing everything they want to do - it's all legitimate. But they have access to living their life with zero middlemen with all due respect. Humanity has lived for the last four-five hundred years in a very traditional capitalistic society. We've all become victims of capitalism and one of the biggest notions of capitalism is the fact that we depend on a bank for everything in our lives.

If I want to send you money right now, I need to go through some form of a banking intermediary facility to get to you. But what about the people who don't have access to that? Do you know there are millions of people who are unbanked around the world?

Blockchain can change the life of the unbanked people for any variety of reasons, from prisoners of war to politically expose people, to sanction countries, to poor people below the poverty line. People who don't have access to traditional banking facilities can now live better lives thanks to Bitcoin, thanks to cryptocurrency because they don't have to depend on a middleman that doesn't always have to be a bank. It can be anything else that institutions put on us as necessaries of SOPs.

So for me as a storyteller who's someone who spent the last five years going around evangelizing the value the humanistic value of what this technology can bring it is it comes from straight from my heart to tell you that if you don't have enough knowledge about Bitcoin, you don't have enough knowledge about crypto or Blockchain, go out there and find out! Reach out to me on LinkedIn, reach out to this platform that you watch this video on right now. Because, I'm telling you, the future is gonna be a host of storytellers who are going to go out there and they're going to be able to turn this technology into human relatable terms that people will be inspired by and then they will live better lives eventually".

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