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MyBitcoinPitch by Jesse Johnson (MintableApp)

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

"Bitcoin is freedom to me. It is all about getting outside of the system that controls us. The reason this works is because Bitcoin is completely decentralized. There is nothing between me and the other party that I want to send or receive funds from.

Whereas the internet was an opportunity for us to exchange information globally without intermediaries, with Bitcoin we can finally exchange value without any intermediaries and this is actually world-changing. This opens up all kinds of new possibilities.

For example, all you need is a wallet. When you think about opening a bank account, that takes days and time and background checks and all sorts of things. To open your first Bitcoin account, just download a wallet and you're good to go, and there are no questions asked and everybody is free to enter the system.

It is just like sending an email. In the first generation of the internet we could send information, I could send you an email, now I can send you a Bitcoin. I can send you half a Bitcoin. I can send you one penny worth of a Bitcoin and it arrives basically instantly in your wallet. And it is yours to keep, save, as we say huddle, or spend.

That is what Bitcoin really is to me, and I think the potential and where this is going to go for society is right up there, with the pinning pass and we could talk about that in the second minute so that is my pitch about Bitcoin, and what is your pitch?"

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