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MyBitcoinPitch by Joel Kovshoff (Athena Enterprise Inc)

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

"Bitcoin is money. How is it? Bitcoin is a type of money that only has a certain amount of inflation which is decreasing constantly. That means simply that it is a type of money that has a limited supply of 21 million. 4 million have been lost over time. With adoption, it will increase in value.

What is it in general? Let's look at a simple fact: when you use your phone and you use your banking you don't actually hold your money a lot of the time. In China they have WeChat and AliPay. They don't actually hold money. But Bitcoin is a similar type of digital currency which you can hold.

The only difference is China can block your WeChat and AliPay, but they can never block your Bitcoin because you control it. It is yours alone. If you hold your private key as a special code in your mind, you will 100% own and control that Bitcoin. It is a type of currency which you hold and it is yours forever, and you are in full control of it and it has a very slow inflation which decreases over time and that is why Bitcoin is the future".

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