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MyBitcoinPitch by Pedro Rivera (Hemp For The Future)

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

"Bitcoin is decentralized digital currency that cannot be counterfeited because it exists on a blockchain. Blockchain is extremely easy to understand if you think of it as an excel sheet. It is a magic excel sheet that everyone has access to be able to see but not everyone has access to change.

So once one person tries to make an input into the cell - a block - have or more than ever has to agree and be in consensus to make sure that information is accurate and correct or the block would not get approved or the cell itself - if you think of it as an excel sheet,

Once the block is approved, it gets added additionally in a time stamp layer to the previous block before. This creates an uncomfortable method that will make your money exist only in a sole and individual each piece and cannot be copied or duplicated in any shape, form or fashion. This makes it limited in nature and increases in value over time as it is being produced. There will only be 21 million Bitcoins produced over time, so essentially it will keep rising as a value as it keeps raising awareness and education takes place in the marketplace."

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